How to Tackle a Problem with Business Design Thinking

Parker Lee’s blog post, How to Tackle a Problem with Business Design Thinking, was recently featured on PM World Journal.  The PM World Journal is an educational and informative source of P/PM knowledge and information.

Here is the beginning of the post:

Every day, we all have challenges, opportunities and initiatives to tackle. I’ve found it best to approach and manage this work using several Business Design Thinking tools.

Before offering a few examples of these tools, let me explain what I mean by Business Design Thinking. Business Design Thinking is an alternative approach for how a business runs compared to a traditional top-down, silo-like organization that plans and operates with linear processes.

Setting context 

The first step to tackling a problem is setting context. Apply the proverbial, “Know Thyself” axiom before trying to solve your problem. By building a framework for your challenge, you will get yourself off to a good start. Clarity on the task to be done is important for excellence in execution, as well as in gaining alignment and participation in the design of your problem’s solution. Gather your associates and work through the important elements of the initiative.

Another great technique is developing a problem brief. This should be done with a group of all the affected stakeholders. Use a workshop session with your stakeholders to complete your brief. I suggest it is printed out as a large wall canvas, then have each participant put ideas on one sticky note and post it in each brief category. Perform an alignment activity to discuss and vote on the agreed upon response.

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