The Value of Business Design Thinking

Parker Lee’s blog post, The Value of Business Design Thinking, was recently featured on publishes original content for several business verticals: executive leadership and management, social media marketing, education, food and beverage, and finance.

Here is the beginning of the post:

How thinking better and differently can be taught and learned to maximize and enhance an organization’s performance

Business design thinking can not only transform a business, but also help an organization catapult to greater levels of success. These organic, flexible and inclusive methods are the path to enhanced performance and greater prosperity. Business design thinking draws upon the lessons of design, humanistic management, and system’s theory, effectively integrating complexity into a coherent and elegant experience.

There are a number of key principles for business design thinking, but for this post, we will discuss three of the most important ones:

  • “Discover-Craft-Build” iterative cycles
  • Employ a cross-functional / team-based approach
  • Build a culture of collaboration

The “Discover-Craft-Build” iterative cycles

Iterative cycles based on design thinking have many benefits. Think in terms of cycles, not linear “1,2,3” steps. Problem-solving is better tackled in small bites of exploring, designing, building and testing, then adjusting.


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