Company Profile

A changing business landscape and new working realities were the inspiration behind the creation of Compass52. Our company consists of successful business leaders and entrepreneurs with a minimum of 25 years’ experience and the imagination to provide clients with an incisive, strategic look at their businesses and the practical solutions they need to profit from that insight.

What sets us apart from others? The Compass52 team is comprised of senior consulting artists with broad experience. We are business design experts, using our creative approach to build and implement compelling solutions for our clients.

Can others do the same? Certainly, but it requires years to gain our know-how and talent to apply the proven processes for timely, creative, effective and repeatable results.

We are clear on purpose. We believe in engaged and passionate customers and employees, a network of collaborative relationships and a high level of integrity.



Parker Lee

A veteran of the technology, entertainment and sports marketing industries, Parker Lee approaches his work as a business design “impresario,” applying his international experience designing and directing large-scale interdisciplinary projects for corporate clients and running and managing companies.

Most recently, Lee was president and executive vice president of business development at XPLANE. During his eight-year tenure there, he was responsible for leading sales and marketing efforts — which, under his leadership, enjoyed significant annual growth — and delivering innovative design thinking engagements for global clients.

Lee has been actively designing organizations for better performance since the 1970s. During the “dot com” era, Lee acted as vice president of business development for four pre-IPO technology companies. Lee pioneered the use of social media when he was responsible for the development and implementation of online marketing and communications for the California State Democratic Party during the 2004 election.

Prior to breaking into the technology field, Lee enjoyed a varied career in the entertainment and sports industries. Notably, in the 1980s he acted as director of entertainment and special events for Caesars Palace Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, and agent for cycling star Greg LeMond.

A veteran speaker, panelist and facilitator, Lee holds a bachelor’s degree in organization development and long-range planning from the University of California, Davis.


Michael Graham

A 30-career that has been anything but normal, but one that has successfully traversed a variety of undertakings.

The eclectic Graham has progressed from entrepreneurial endeavors that included 3 start-ups, to restaurants in Utah, New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil, to politics where Graham was Chief-of-Staff for a Governor of Utah, as well as running several political campaigns for Senate, House and a Governor and a presidential campaign. And he went on to become CEO of one of the fastest growing marketing services agencies within the WPP, plc (the world’s largest advertising and communications group) and finally to becoming Worldwide CEO of a division of J Walter Thompson — the world’s largest advertising agency.

In addition, Graham has served on the Board of Directors of several start-ups, as well as J Walter Thompson, a $10 billion dollar ad agency. He was appointed to the Governor’s Energy Committee to look at the State of Utah’s long-range energy needs. He has also been involved in his own consultancy that has provided strategic advice to companies ranging from green energy to high tech public relations.

Graham has a degree in International Relations and History, has given over 50 speeches on the changing world of marketing and advertising in 10 countries around the world. He has written numerous published articles and is in the process of writing a book about entrepreneurial adventures in Brazil.


Apostolos Apostolides

Director of International Development for the design consultancy, Compass52. Apostolos Apostolides is an expert on international finance and stock market investments, and the fast food, tourism, and real estate Industries. Additionally, he has a wealth of knowledge about applications for European Funding Programs.

From 2007-2015 he was active in the Brazilian market, advising companies on strategies for international expansion. With his own company, Helebras LLC, Apostolides provided consulting services for various projects in the areas of: sugar production, fast food, super foods and drinks, and coffee shops. From 2000-2016 he participated in the applications of the European Subsidies Programs, specifically Clusters, ESPA, FP7, HORIZON, Leader, and Mediterranean. From 1990-2017, he has been a financial investment consultant in the markets of the USA, Brazil, Germany, and France.