We Are:
A Business Design Consultancy.

While we can provide the "what" you should do, more importantly, we address the "how" to do it. We act as your organizational personal trainer, that works with you to design "how to get there."

We strive to create and deliver value and passionately believe that success today comes out of wisdom, perspective and applying business design thinking: a systems view, using collaboration, visualization and integrated problem-solving.

We're Not:

A traditional management consultancy

While traditional consultancies can be appropriate for large companies with big budgets, that is not the world of Compass52. We are not trying to rack up endless hours of staff time with a seemingly endless array of process steps, then deliver a 120-page PowerPoint deck of recommendations.

A creative agency

We don't just produce deliverables, acting as a 'creative sorcerer,' going into a workshop to find a big creative idea to reveal. We strive to create and deliver value.


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Simplicity versus complexity.

Our approach emphasizes successful results based on our capacity to design versus a capacity to talk.

We apply a modern methodology to create a step change of outcomes. We call it Business Design Thinking. At its core, the framework is an imaginative, iterative, team-based, visual problem-solving methodology that can be applied to help businesses improve performance.

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Business Model

We work with you to set a results-oriented objective; then assemble the best team to produce inspired and insightful results. We are a group of imaginative innovators, and bring together seasoned associates for each engagement. After more than 30 years of managing multi-disciplinary, multi-million-dollar responsibilities for clients, we have refined our on-demand systems to a fine art. We believe our business model is best for our clients.

Some of the challenges we address:

Vision and strategy not understood Seizing New Markets + Growth Products or services need a sales boost Issue management to anticipate trends, respond to challenging events, and engage critical stakeholders Customers or partners don�t understand your value proposition Teams need to adopt something new